Who Is More Promising With Lanterns And LED Lights?
- Dec 07, 2018 -

In recent years, with the Social Industrialization Division of labor more and more detailed, the lighting industry branches are gradually refined out, the branches of the industry characteristics of product characteristics are becoming more and more clear, traditional lighting gradually tend to the development of LED lighting, courtyard decoration, holiday decoration lighting gradually rise. The most representative of the art of lighting lantern lanterns are also enjoying the "Nanguo lighting City" Zigong quietly grew.

Lantern and led who is more promising? There may be someone who answers without thinking: Sure LED is more promising! My answer is: not necessarily!

Why? When the LED became universal lighting, it was announced that the era of great industry was gradually coming.

Led in the great industrial era has two major characteristics: first, the concentration will gradually increase, and finally form an oligopolistic era, most enterprises will go to extinction; second, the price will gradually be transparent and "radish cabbage", profits will be greatly reduced.

So, lanterns and LEDs who have more prospects? The key is from which point of view, different angles, look at the starting point of the problem is different.

For power companies, LED lighting is certainly more promising, as they will become "leftover king" oligarchs, the best in the era of great industrialization. For small and medium-sized enterprises, to do led general lighting is destined to be more promising than to do lanterns.

LED general lighting enterprises, small is dead, because the competition is not big business; bigger is also dead, because in the end can't spell the industry oligarchs. The reason why it is not easy to die is because of the high degree of personalization of lanterns, strong artistic flavor, free play space, market prospects can not be underestimated, but not easy to do big, because large enterprises disdain to enter; Lantern production cycle is short, low threshold, high added value, do not do much can also live very moisturizing; small enterprises as long as do specialized Easy to form their own core competitiveness, not easy to be eliminated; small businesses, even if they are family-style, are easy to grasp easy to pass on.

What is the relationship between the lantern and the LED? LED is a light source, is an accessory to the lantern. Therefore, the lantern and the LED itself does not contradict.

The two are accompanied by a combination. Two days ago with the Chinese Lighting Society Secretary General Lin Pingping Chat, he believes that the future lighting industry prospects are very gloomy, only a few enterprises can survive.

With this view, today's enterprises have no future, because most of them will perish; industrial parks have no future, what is the value of industrial parks without enterprises? Lighting market is bound to die out, there is no enterprise so many lighting market to whom?

I asked, what will be the state of the future industry? He said it would be a feast for lighting oligarchs. This view may not be all right. First, it is unrealistic in itself that oligarchs become the entire industrial chain. The Division of labor is only likely to become finer and thicker. Everyone or every business, is a chain of this division of labor.

If you can't be your own brand, at least you can be a big business companion, just a bit of a hard work. The author believes that the future of the entire industry, is bound to be three major branches: lighting, lighting, creativity. Lighting, no matter what the light source, what lamps, see the lights to see the light, see the light is not enough, in short, there will be a mainstream lighting, this field is undoubtedly the feast of oligarchs, lighting, will become the pet of all personalized people, never disappear, and even in a period of time it may also be explosive growth; creativity, All the creative products related to light, including situational lighting, film and television, anime, all the visual feast, will become led alternative creative derivatives.

The direct or indirect benefits it creates will never be smaller than the general lighting itself. I even think that never talk about lighting and LEDs is universal lighting, wiping out its personality and creativity. We can hardly say without doubt that led general lighting will never dominate the entire lighting field for quite some time, let alone replace the decorative functional lanterns completely.

It can even be said that if a unique way, personalized manufacturing or customization, will certainly be more profitable than industrial general products, more business charm.