Tianchang Lantern Culture Exhibition
- Dec 06, 2018 -

The Tang Dynasty ruling the world because of social shengping, economic prosperity, lantern culture exhibition is a great splash, flourished, the scale of activities is particularly huge, the lamp crowd crowded, up to the princes, down to the car to sell pulp, all out to watch the lamp. Xuan Zong also continued the Western Han system, the Jingshi Changan more than three nights before and after the Lantern Festival to cancel the curfew, expand the performance of "Night", convenient for the people to enjoy the lights, Tang future lanterns will become a critical symbol of the Lantern Festival.  Sui Chishing, during the Lantern Festival light watching activities lively, night spend #, all night, Zhang Lantern gradually advanced for the Lantern Festival key activities. Dynasty and weak in the Song Dynasty, this culture has been promoted by the propaganda of reading, which has made the Song Dynasty another key historical stage for the promotion of lanterns.

Combining the heavy canal culture, relying on the canal Cultural Plaza, Xinyi Square Plaza, Creek Straight Street, Fish Bridge, Arch Chen Bridge, Shengli River Food Street and Xitang River Taiwan Food Street, along the 12 km ancient canal, launched a very regional characteristics of the "Lake Villa eight Views" and Bridge (Gongbei Bridge) tower (Fragrant temple tower) • Garden (Gao family Garden) · TAM (Pearl Lake) and other cultural and historical landscape series of Lights and "ten miles of Silver Lake Villa hundred meters style picture" and other creative Lantern culture exhibition. A variety of lighting will be the canal night scene dressed up, artistic reproduction of the ancient transport River Fan unloading, department store Benton, stacks dense bustling scene and Wulin door outside the "Fish bear Son" "Rice bear Son" vivid scene, in collaboration with the canal on both sides of the Firefox and more than a string of red lantern lights, successfully created the "Ten miles of Silver Lake

The bright artistic conception of the Milky Way falling into the world. Palace, temples, Xian mansion, Fu Mansion, the first set up a mountain shed, ride canopy, at the expense of heavy capital, "Sheng lantern Burning Lights", to fight to win. The streets are also covered with Lantern culture exhibition, "Bright if the day."  Even the tributes of the heathen countries also have rare lights, it can be seen that neighboring countries also know the hobbies of the Tang emperor and the prosperity of the Central Plains Lantern Festival. Dance Dragon Lantern: "Dragon Dance" Custom, is the inheritance of Yin Zhou "sacrifice" legacy. is the traditional cultural activities of the Chinese nation, all ethnic groups have the custom of dancing dragon lanterns. Dragon Dance in the month of the junior light, Xv. end. is to pray for the Dragon God in the New Year, bless good weather, Four seasons harvest.

From a long time ago, dragon dance activities endure, generation after generation handed down. The emergence of Lantern culture exhibition is from the human use of fire, invention of lights, the creation of lamps and so on to unfold. Flint invented drilling wood to take fire, man ignited the fire, lit the torch, this fire, torch is the origin of the original lamp.  Today by the Shandong Lantern for you to introduce. With the development of social productive forces, human beings began to use the oil wax of animals and plants and minerals to make light lamps. "Zhou Li, Shiheng" contains "the great events of the state, for the Candlestick Liao, candlestick candlesticks also", it can be seen that the Zhou Dynasty has a candlestick lamp.

To the Warring States, lantern culture exhibition of the manufacturing process is booming, which is expressed in Qu Yuan's "Chu Ci": "Lan ointment ming Candlestick copper wrong."  The earliest lantern culture exhibition is to bamboo rack, with silk framed into hollow characters, the surface of light powder color, describe clothing, night lights in which, through the light out, nickname moving. With the promotion of society, the folk artists of the past dynasties, with their own labor and wisdom, and constantly introduce innovation, so that this art garden odd flower more soft and lovely. They take the shell of the iron line, and then like a real person to wear carefully embroidery gorgeous clothes, with harmonious scenery and brilliant lights such as (headlights), with the famous historical storyline as the subject matter and content, composed of a cascade of screen lantern screen, more magnificent, elegant, become a kind of elegant,

Special crafts for the love of young and old. According to the "Sui book ... music" records: Yuanxiao celebration is very grand, everywhere lights, day and night song and dance music, performers up to more than 30,000 people, music more than 18,000, the stage has eight miles, play the lights of the people are countless, all night long, happy, lively. To the Tang Dynasty, the rulers attached more importance to the lamp, and the burning lamp time as the system unchanged. Tangluizong in Changan Miyagi outside the building of a high 20 feet  "lamp wheel ", wrapped in colored silk, decorated with jade, hanging 50,000 lights. The all royal also make large  "light trees ". Poet Cui Liquid wrote  "Who home to see the moon can sit idle, where to smell the lamp does not look " good sentence. Lantern Culture Exhibition