Low-voltage Lamps Are Safe, Explosion-proof, Energy-saving, Etc
- Aug 15, 2018 -

The standard lighting electrical voltage is 220V AC. According to special engineering needs, it is possible to use AC 127V or DC 36V, or other lamps below the standard lighting voltage level, called low voltage lamps.

Low-voltage lamps are safe, explosion-proof, energy-saving, etc. They are widely used in mobile equipment lighting, household appliances auxiliary lighting, industrial and mining and other special occasion lighting.

Application place

Low-pressure crystal lamp for occasions - leisure place

One of the functions of the low-voltage crystal lamp is the LED light effect, which is exactly what the leisure factory needs. Full crystal production, transparent texture, no metal texture, giving a warm and natural feeling, full crystal production, is also the need of the overall beauty, enjoy the beauty brought by the crystal lamp, enjoy the quiet moment in the leisure factory in the busy life .

Low-pressure crystal lamp for occasions - clothing and jewelry chain stores

It is reported that the sales of low-voltage crystal lighting fixtures increased by 30% compared with the first half of 2012, which mainly depends on the diversified selection of accessories for low-pressure crystal lamps. It can be an electroplated glass goblet, which can be tassels, can be worn in beautiful earrings, etc.