Low Pressure Sodium Lamp Is Most Suitable For Solar Street Light
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Low pressure sodium lamp is most suitable for solar street light, 91w low pressure sodium lamp can completely replace

The low-pressure sodium lamp has a high visual light effect, but because of its narrow spectral distribution and poor color rendering, it is not suitable for commercial lighting. It is mainly suitable for road lighting, especially in Europe such as the UK, the Netherlands, France and Germany. application. In terms of the overall performance of the light source, the best configuration light source for solar energy is low-pressure sodium lamp and LED lamp. There are quite a few cases in China. Long-life, high-energy-saving and green environmental protection are the characteristics of such energy-saving light sources.

When the instantaneous fluctuation of the supply voltage of the gas discharge lamp drops greatly, the lamp will extinguish itself, which is especially important for some light sources that cannot be restarted immediately after being extinguished. A certain safety factor should be considered so that the instantaneous voltage change of the grid is not lower than a certain allowable value. Gas discharge lamps mostly use magnetic ballasts, the power factor is less than 1.2) In the large area of gas discharge lamp lighting, in order to save non-ferrous metals and improve equipment utilization, compensation should be considered to improve the power factor, generally using a centralized compensation method Convenience. When selecting the conductor cross section and the lighting transformer capacity, not only the electric power consumed by the light source but also the power loss of the ballast should be counted. According to the characteristics of the light source, the starting time and restart time of the high-pressure gas discharge lamp are longer, and it is not suitable for the more important places (such as power plant main control room, banquet hall, etc.). Accident lighting should not be used.