LED Lantern
- Oct 10, 2018 -


        Led lantern, is the current lighting industry upgrade development of a new direction, its high brightness, can be plastic strong, easy installation and maintenance by the broad masses engaged in the lantern industry staff Favorite. Originally LED lights used as an indicator light source of instrumentation, and later a variety of light-colored LEDs in traffic lights and Large-area display has been widely used, resulting in a good economic and social benefits. Car lights are the first case of LED light application, because the LED response speed, can early let the driver of the trailing vehicle know the driving conditions, reduce the occurrence of car rear-end accident. In addition, LED lights in the outdoor red, green, Blue full-color display, Key-button Miniature Flashlight and other fields have been applied. With the development, the lantern industry is also a large number of applications LED lights as a traditional lantern upgrade and Supplement.

        LED lantern is the use of the latest LED light source technology, energy-saving up to 70%, good applicability, because a single led small size, so can be made of any shape, plasticity is quite strong, short response time, shorter than ordinary lamps. and environmentally friendly, No harmful metal, waste easy to Recover. The color is brilliant, the luminous color is pure, the spectral range is narrow, and can be mixed into colorful or white light through the red, green and blue three primary colors. For the lantern industry there will be a congenital irreplaceable advantage. After many instances of the test data proved that LED lights can be used in the lantern industry, LED lights its power saving, security, reduce the cost advantage is quite obvious. and easy to install, easy to recycle, quite well Received. At home, there have been many lanterns using led lanterns, the results are quite remarkable.

LED Lantern case:

        However, the cost of LED lamps is relatively high, but also restricts the use of LED lights in the lantern industry as a light source of raw materials. Using pure LED lights to make a lantern, the production cost is higher than the traditional lantern 30-50%, for the lantern Enterprises is a big expense. At present, most of the LED lanterns are mostly used in the domestic lighting festival, lantern, Light Exhibition of large-scale activities, the general Small and medium-sized Lantern exhibition for various reasons, the use of less.  But we believe that with the development of technology, technology innovation, LED lights will gradually enter the lantern industry. Led lantern is also widely used in urban lighting, advertising design, Landscaping projects, The future, led lantern will be a new change in the lantern industry, we wait and see it!.