Can Solar Street Lights Work On Rainy Days
- Aug 15, 2018 -

The solar street light is stored in the battery by solar power generation, and then the power is output to the illuminating device for night illumination. The solar street lights are recurring in this way, charging during the day and discharging at night, and continuously cycling. Now the problem is coming. In the process, if there is no sunlight or insufficient sunlight, can solar street lights work normally?

This is to say that the important part of the solar street lamp - the working principle of the photovoltaic module: the sun shines on the semiconductor (usually silicon) pn junction, forming a new hole electron pair, under the action of the pn junction electric field, the cavity The n region flows to the p region, and electrons flow from the p region to the n region, and a current is formed when the circuit is turned on. This is how the photovoltaic effect solar cell works. The spectral response of a typical photovoltaic module is in the range of (320-1100 nm). The wavelength of light is between 380nm and 780nm, and the response wavelength of the photovoltaic module is significantly larger than this range, so the luminous efficiency of the solar street lamp may be reduced on cloudy days, but it is still generating electricity continuously.