A Dream Night View That Belongs To Winter! Japanese Lantern Parade
- Jan 31, 2019 -

Japanese, who value the seasonal sense, have their own unique seasonal scenery all year round. The most representative scenery of Japan in winter, in addition to the snow, is the dream of the lantern! Snow is like a natural canvas, colorful lanterns are spilled on the pigment, will be decorated in the winter, the cold has become less difficult. Japan's major cities have a lot of famous lantern activities, we selected the Tokyo and Osaka two bustling cities of the lantern show, quickly go to see it!

Tokyo :


After launching the theme lantern Show "Beauty and the Beast" during the winter of 2017 to 2018, he attracted 530,000 visitors. Now winter will use 250,000 light bulbs, combined with melodies and lights, to show Disney's popular animation "Snow Wonderland" and "Magic Hair Wonderland" fantasy world. In addition, during the performance there will also be a day of the Disney Pixar "Superman Family" special lighting activities.

The lively jumping rhythm fits the sparkling starlight, showing a different winter Christmas atmosphere.

During the event: November 15, 2018 ~2019 February 14 * Tentative

Lighting Time: November 15 ~12 month 31st 17:00~23:00, January 3, 2019 ~2 month 14th 18:00~23:00 Address: 1-8-2 Bridge, East Tokyo Port

Qing Cave SHIBUYA:


The cave, which is held every winter, is still popular since it was moved to Shibuya! will be in Shibuya ~ Yoyogi Park area, to create a dynamic blue light sea, so that the night of Shibuya Street are infected with a layer of mysterious blue.

Before missing the romantic Tokyo, it is better to take advantage of 2018 years to witness it!

During the event: "Yoyogi Park" November 30, 2018 ~2018 December 31 "Shibuya Park Pass"                                                November 30, 2018 ~2019 year January 16

Lighting Time: 17:00~22:00※ time may change ※ The last day will be lit until 5 o'clock in the                                             morning Venue: Shibuya Park Tong ~ Yoyogi Park beech Tree and Wood

Black Chuan everyone's winter lighting:


2018 Meguro Lighting Activities, is a collection of local residents and restaurants of waste edible oil recycling, re-refining power generation of environmental protection activities.

This year, with the theme of "Winter Cherry", it is expected that on both sides of the river, 400,000 LED lights will be lit to the Black River coastal road tree, shining pink lights reflected on the surface of the Black River, and spread on the road about 2.2 kilometers long.

During the event: November 9, 2018 ~2019 January 6

Lighting Time: 17:00~22:00※ weather conditions adjusted for the day Address: 2-9-11, Wuantian, Shinagawa District, Tokyo

Osaka Universal Studios Winter Lighting Show:


Every year the acclaimed Osaka Universal Studios lighting Show, this year's theme will be Harry Potter. The Harry Potter wizarding World Winter Limited castle lighting show will be staged 30 minutes after sunset every day at Universal Studios this winter, with a circular performance of five minutes each. Take you a second into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

The night of Osaka Universal Studios Harry Potter town will light up street lights, Diagon Lane, 9 3/4 station and Hogwarts Castle in the dim light, add a different mystique oh.

During the event: November 9, 2018 ~2019 January 6

Lighting time: 30 minutes after sunset

Address: Dabanfu Osaka 2-chome 1-33ユニバーサル スタジオ ジャパン, Sakura Island, this flower area

Osaka Castle:


"Osaka Castle illuminage" with colourful LED lighting decoration of the vast water edge as the center, after 150 years of modern Japanese curtain curtain, the restoration of civilized era of the streets will reappear in front of everyone. "

There is also the first "and Labyrinth" of Japan, the 30-metre-long history of light, which has turned the streets at the end of the shogunate into a labyrinth, which can be said to be not only a journey of light, but also a journey of history.

During the event: December 1, 2018 ~2019 March 3

Lighting Time: 17:00~22:00

Address: Osaka Central Osaka Castle 2

Cherry Blossom Festival :


This is the light show of Osaka Narrow Mountain. In winter, neon lights are decorated on the cherry trees by the pool in the narrow mountain city. On the rows of cherry trees, decorate the lovely pink lighting flowers are very cute.

Walking roads are also well maintained, so why not come to the narrow mountain pool suitable for a walk to enjoy the winter cherry blossoms shining under the night sky?

During the event: December 1, 2018 ~2019 January 14

Lighting Time: Sunset ~22:00 Address: Dabanfu City, Osaka, Mt.