Oriental illumination thousand-like show shining-day---Northern Lights-Winnipeg Chinese lantern Carnival grand opening
- Sep 30, 2018 -

"The light of the north--Winnipeg Chinese Lantern Carnival" was opened in Winnipeg, Canada, August 31, local time. The light exhibition is highly valued by the Canadian government and has been into row the national core project of China-Canada tourism year.

"The light of the north--Winnipeg Chinese lantern Carnival" light show with "magic Light colorful in the year" as the theme, with the Chinese image, global vision, Chinese story, the concept of international expression and mind, in the long history of the lantern culture in the long River to capture the theme, set the "Dream Corridor", "Mysterious East", "light of the Four characteristics of the theme plate, a total of more than 60 sets of large, medium-sized lantern, with the traditional, modern Lantern language singing national chapter, is a brilliant bloom and vigorous symphony of Chinese and foreign cultural elements.

Canadian officials attended the opening ceremony: Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman, Manitoba Minister of Trade and Tourism Blaine Pedersen on behalf of Manitoba Governor Brianpallister, Canadian Congressman Doug Eylofson on behalf of Tourism Minister Melanie Joly. Han Ning, cultural counsellor of the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto, was invited to attend the opening ceremony and delivered an enthusiastic speech, and Liu Ya, CEO of Zigong Light Trade Group Co., Ltd., Taojianjun attended the opening ceremony.

The mayor of Winnipeg, Brian Bowman, said: "This light exhibition to promote the development of tourism and cultural integration of China and Canada as the goal, the Oriental Lantern hand in Winnipeg City, the Chinese culture filled with cultural atmosphere of the lantern to attract more attention.

During the Carnival Lantern Festival, the Chinese acrobatic Performance team, intangible Cultural Heritage artists and culinary experts will bring to the scene audience acrobatic performances, sugar painting, embroidery and other folk crafts performances and special Chinese food, let Canadians feel and experience the traditional Chinese folk culture up close.

The opening of the scene of visitors, cheering, marvel at the Oriental Lights Xiongqi magnificent, gorgeous. The opening ceremony was featured in several mainstream media outlets in Canada.