The difference between low pressure sodium lamp and high pressure sodium lamp
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Low-voltage lamps are safe, explosion-proof, energy-saving, etc. They are widely used in mobile equipment lighting, household appliances auxiliary lighting, industrial and mining and other special occasion lighting.

High-pressure lamp: compact replacement lamp for power supply voltage

1, from the safety point of view: high voltage LED lamp with 220V voltage operation, is a dangerous voltage, in some risk applications, there are safety hazards; low-voltage LED light bar is working under the DC 12V working voltage, is a safe voltage, It can be used in various occasions without any danger to the human body.

2. From the installation point of view, the installation of high-voltage LED light bar is relatively simple, and can be directly driven by a high-voltage driver. Generally, the factory can be directly configured, and the 220V power supply can be normally operated. The installation of the low-voltage LED flexible strip is to install a DC power supply in front of the strip, which is relatively complicated during installation.

3, from the price of LED lights: If you look at the two lights alone, LED lights are about the same price, but the overall cost is not the same, because the high-voltage LED lights are equipped with high-voltage power, generally one The power supply can be equipped with 30~50 meters LED flexible light strips, and relatively high voltage voltage is relatively low cost. The low-voltage LED light strip is equipped with a DC power supply. Generally, the power of the 1 meter 60-bead 5050 light strip is about 12~14W, which means that each meter light strip needs to be equipped with a DC power supply of about 15W, so that the low-voltage LED light strip The cost of construction will increase a lot, greatly higher than the high-voltage LED strip. Therefore, from the perspective of overall cost, the price of low-voltage LED lamps is higher than that of high-voltage LED lamps.

4. From the packaging point of view, the packaging of high-voltage LED strips and low-voltage LED strips are also very different. High-voltage LED flexible strips can generally be 50~100 m/roll; low-voltage LED strips are generally up to 5~10. Meter/volume; DC power supply attenuation exceeding 10 meters will be very powerful.