Rental Housing Large transformation ins the hottest fashion single product--led lanterns
- Dec 24, 2018 -

A lot of girls like the heart of the girl thing. Of course I am no exception, our room is a small world. Every time you always feel like you are missing something. In fact, a small lantern can create a girl heart burst space.

There are many kinds and shapes of lanterns, and there are many types available for reference on some e-commerce platforms. Now let me share how to subtly fuse these little lanterns into the room.


         The simplest common is to hang small lanterns on the wall, empty walls are the most occupied part of the entire room. We can pick some postcards and photos and clip them on the photo clip string. You can also choose some small lanterns to surround your favorite shapes. As shown in the figure:



          Hanging the lantern on the ceiling, to the night a turn on the lights, feel the whole starry sky in front of you, there is no super girl heart Feeling……



        Bed yarn is a very young girl's decoration, if you add small lanterns is not better! Across the yarn, that kind of light hazy feeling you deserve to have.



          Not only can the bed yarn, the curtains are also a good choice. Usually the curtains always feel monotonous, plus some colored lights embellished a bit, is also good.



         Whether it is a pendulum or a decoration, in some simple items with colored lights embellishment, always can become more beautiful. Like some desk lamps, books, dressers and so on are OK.



I will update the tips, like can always pay attention. Everyone can also play freely according to their own situation.