Low-voltage lamp use place
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Low-pressure crystal lamp is suitable for leisure places. One of the functions of low-voltage crystal lamp is LED light effect, which is exactly what the leisure factory needs. Full crystal production, transparent texture, no metal texture, giving a warm and natural feeling, full crystal production, is also the need of the overall beauty, enjoy the beauty brought by the crystal lamp, enjoy the quiet moment in the leisure factory in the busy life .

Advantages of low voltage lamps:

Safety: Low-voltage lamps are generally 12V/24/36V, which are safe for human body to withstand voltage. Use in places where national standards are required or where safety factor is high.

Longer life: because the circuit is DC low voltage, using fewer components and longer life

No strobe. Avoid stroboscopic phenomena in AC use due to the use of DC voltage

Small size: because it does not require complicated circuit volume, it can be as small as possible

Low-voltage lamp Disadvantages: need to connect low voltage and common 220V is not universal.