Low pressure sodium lamp is a low pressure sodium vapor discharge tube
- Aug 15, 2018 -

The low-pressure sodium lamp is a low-pressure sodium vapor discharge tube. The tube is blown with special anti-sodium glass. After ignition, it can radiate 5890A and 5896A sodium.

The line can be used as a monochromatic light source in optical instruments such as polarimeter, refractometer, and polarimeter. A low-pressure sodium lamp in the field of electric light source, comprising a discharge tube enclosing an inert gas and a metal sodium, the discharge tube is disposed in a high-vacuum outer bulb, the discharge tube is fixed to the outer bulb through the support frame, and the discharge tube is disposed at two poles There is an electrode comprising an anti-sodium sleeve glass tube in the shape of a U-shaped; the anti-sodium sleeve glass tube is composed of an outer layer of silicate glass layer and an inner layer of anti-sodium bismuth glass layer. Compared with modern technology, the U-shaped discharge tube is compact in structure, so that the outer bulb is small in size, the heat-dissipating surface is reduced, the temperature rise of the discharge tube is fast, and the light collection is good, so that the discharge tube can quickly reach the working temperature of 260 ° C. The utility model can be widely used in lighting places such as roads, tunnels, warehouses and docks in different temperature zones, and has high light efficiency and strong penetrating power.

The life of a low-pressure sodium lamp varies depending on the number of ignition points during use, typically 19,000 hours. The light decay is smaller than other light sources, and the end-of-life fashion can reach an initial luminous flux of 80-85%. Since the discharge tube of the low-pressure sodium lamp is long, the migration of sodium in the ignition point has a certain influence on the performance and life of the lamp, so the direction of the ignition point should be specified to prevent the migration of sodium (the horizontal angle is generally allowed to be within ±20%, small The allowable deflection angle of the power low pressure sodium lamp can be larger). Low-pressure sodium lamp radiates monochromatic yellow light, and its color rendering is general. It is suitable for lighting places with high illumination requirements but no requirement for color rendering. Energy-saving light source: Low-pressure sodium lamp is an energy-saving light source with high luminous efficiency. The development and application of low-pressure sodium lamps is of great significance to countries and regions with tight power.