How should a weak light figure with a small led lantern be photographed?
- Jan 31, 2019 -

Slow shutter (gate B) you know what?  

The negatives are black, in a certain exposure time, where there is light where will be the development, there is no light place is dark, this clear? 

I usually shoot with a flash +led bulb shed, which is easier to control than natural light. The difficulty with this instantaneous + constant light source is to control the exposure time of each light source.  But the shutter time used by the two light sources is fixed, that can only let the instantaneous light source close early, so that the weaker constant light source continues to expose, of course, the premise is still in the same exposure time, and should be careful not to let other messy light source into the scene. 

The approximate steps are as follows, understand the principle can be: 

1, the character posture is set, small light bulb put, the flash put good. 

2, the room doors and windows closed, the light source is all closed (except led small light bulbs),             you can ensure that the room is full of black. 

3, the flash of the constant light source off, but the flash bubble will still be lit.

4, began to shoot, put the camera on the tripod fixed, a good picture; The flashover was taken                off and held in the hand. 

5, first turn on the light focus, and then turn off the lights, and then press the shutter, and then                press the flash flashing flash, the flash lights up the character frame, and then the room is dark,            only the LED small light bulb is still on, continue to expose. 

 6, the exposure is complete, shooting finished. 

What can't be explained in this is that the distance and exponent of the flash, the data of exposure, these require you to try it according to the actual situation.