Christmas is coming
- Dec 06, 2018 -

    The annual Christmas is coming, how are you going to decorate your house to have a more festive atmosphere? Do you have a little idea of how to do this when you mention it? In fact, not as difficult as you think, as long as the choice of some jewelry on the completion of more than half, together to see what good-looking and decorative Christmas decorations bar!

    First of all, the door, we can do some decorations on it to enhance the atmosphere, let a person see feel the thick Christmas atmosphere.

    We can choose the wreath rattan, winding the small colored lights on it, Bu Ling Bu Ling's excellent.


The second step, indoors, we can choose a Christmas tree, workmanship to exquisite, to choose the branches have a snow-imitation design, very textured, convenient space choice. We can also wrap the LED lantern strings on the tree, and add some small items. This will be very good-looking, very interesting.


The third step, window glass, want to let it have some color? We can choose the sticker, and the simple sticker is half the success. We can also have some led curtain lights, ice strips. This makes it more colourful.