220V High-Voltage Meteor String Lights

220V High-Voltage Meteor String Lights

Colorful's light shines the streets, let's move on.

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Product Details

Waterproof design:  Selection of PVC transparent parallel full copper wire with CAP/plug integrated/waterproof non-stripping tube.

LED Wick:  The double light transmittance is soft and the water is bright.


  1. Does your family's meteor shower light outdoor waterproof?

  2. Do you want to wire the meteor shower lamp back?

  3. How long is the after-sale warranty?


  1. Please rest assured that the company sold the meteor shower lamp is a complete set of outdoor waterproof, lamp and connection head waterproof distribution of the power supply is also waterproof, can be long-term outdoor use, not afraid of rain.

  2. The company sells meteor shower package power supply with plug, buy back only need to plug the power supply can be lit, automatic flow bright.

  3. The company sold meteor shower lamp warranty is 3 months, manufacturers warranty, repair not directly new!

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